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Blue Man Group at Luxor, Las Vegas! Great Show for Everyone

Blue Man Group: Entertaining since early 2000’s and still going strong
Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group is very entertaining, and I suggest you bring some earplugs! They are very loud. But they are well worth the money to see their show.

Amy, the owner, and creator of, initially viewed the Blue Man Group's show in the early 2000s when they first hit Vegas. They took the Strip by storm, and everyone loved their show. But so many years later, does this show still meet the audience's needs?

We happened to be taking a trip to Las Vegas and got one of the tower rooms at the Luxor, which is my personal favorite, maybe for nostalgia purposes. Still, honestly, Luxor is one of my top picks to stay, and I will review why in a later review. 

Everything about the Blue Man Group's show is full blast; pounding on drums, water splashing at people - at least all the ones sitting in the first four rows—toilet paper all over the audience. Not to mention paint, nothing but paint splashing everywhere the eye could see.

Remember Color Splash on HGTV with David Bromstad? He would splash paint on his canvas for his artwork! The Blue Man Group audience is their canvas! And boy, did their canvas get covered! They also were very interactive with the audience. They even have a moment where one selects a particular audience member to come on stage and participate in a unique and hilarious skit. 

The Blue Man Group is excellent and very talented, and they never say a word! They can make you laugh throughout the entire show. They are so funny, it makes you want to pee your pants. If you have a sensitive bladder or leak issue, be warned that you better bring some padded undies.

Oh, and by the way, the beating of the drums never dies down, you know, kind of like that old Sonny & Cher song, The BEAT of the Drums! They have such a creative way of making random sounds into music.

The Blue Man Group finds a way to mesmerize their audience by submerging them into a world filled with an assortment of beautiful colors and transformative music. They find such a breathtaking way to tell a story without any words. 

I feel there is no bad seat in the house. I had such a good time that when I was back in town with a different confidante who asked which show we should see, I replied, "let's see The Blue Man Group!" I have seen this show on three occasions with a different guest each time.

This show is great but also is a show that meets the needs of an array of varying audiences. Skip the troubling issue of deciding which show will meet everyone's needs because this show accomplishes this task and does it well, regardless of whether you are with a conservative co-worker or your best friend who likes to party and loves a good time. This show is the choice for you! From drums to dinner to opening a twinkie, this group has mastered the art of silence facial expressions, especially leaving their audience in awe. Don't miss their show; they are a splashing group! 

OH, and a side note... they will give you their thumbprint as an autograph after the show. In Blue! =D I still have mine on our picture!

Go see them when your in Las Vegas. Tell them Amy from sent you!!

I have even provided a link for you. Blue Man Group Las Vegas - Tickets & Reviews

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